Portariat of Sam Lock

Portrait by Jeronimus Van Pelt 2018

SAM LOCK was born in London in 1973. His studio is on the South Coast of the UK, outside Brighton.
Sam trained at Edinburgh University and Art College, graduating with an MA Fine Art Painting and MA History of Art in 1997.

Whilst at college he won a scholarship award to travel to Rome to explore his interest in the relationship between history, archaeology and the processes of painting, a preoccupation that has fired his work and continues to underpin his practice.
He is represented by select galleries, most notably Cadogan Contemporary in London and Twelve Twelve Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.
A prolific and energetic painter, Lock has a growing profile of solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

“The painting is the afterwards of the minds movement, the residue of action, a fluid space of freefalling notions and occurrences and consequence (sanded, stained, scorched, sealed, torn). Heavily and physically worked layers of immediacy where ideas are acted upon and allowed to interact with eachothers time and place. The space in these paintings goes inwards, into and through their own strata, physical rather than as illusion across the space.”
– Freddie Burness, Cadogan Contemporary 2018

“Sam’s paintings on canvas grow and change. They are an organic build-up of layers, previous images and tones that are then broken back into, torn away, covered up and pushed back. They are deeply meditative and calming. In contrast, his works on paper are instinctive, energetic and unforgiving. One series feeds the other; both are equally powerful. “
– Lara Bowen, Director Four Walls Contemporary 2018